Clinical Research and Applied Technologies Experience (CREATE)

Aligning with VCU Department of Kinesiology and Health Sciences Internship requirements (HPEX 395/495), the Undergraduate: Clinical REsearch and Applied Technologies Experience (U:CREATE) provides students with an opportunity to explore the day-to-day workings of a clinical research facility. Students will be exposed to work at all stages of the translational research cycle (from basic to clinical trials research), and will learn to utilize specialty data collection techniques (e.g., kinematics, kinetics, virtual reality, cortical activity, neuromuscular stimulation) to analyze the relationship between neural control and movement in a range of orthopedic and neurological populations. At the heart of the experience is a desire to promote behaviors that will allow critical thinking to flourish, in a practical ‘hands-on’ learning environment, as students continue towards careers in the medical, engineering, or allied health professions. Additional opportunities exist for individuals interested in gaining experience in Unity, virtual reality and game development. For more information, contact us at: